Once and Again


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Stavo guardando, come spesso faccio ultimamente, una puntata di Once and Again, la 01×17 “Unfinished Business” in cui il padre di Lily ha un ictus e sta morendo…ed ecco questo dialogo…proprio oggi che sono passati sei mesi, oggi…oggi che sto cercando di distrarmi con ogni cagata possibile mi capita proprio questa puntata? Mah…coincidenze…ma una volta qualcuno mi ha detto che le coincidenze non esistono, che tutto accade per uno specifico motivo…

Lily: How did you handle this at 14?
Rick: Who says I handled it?
Lily: When I was a kis the thing I was most afraid of was my father dying, terrified me. You’d think I would have outgrown it by now.
Rick: People think that just because it happens to everyone that losing a parent is supposed to be bearable and it’s…it’s really not. I remember walking around in a complete daze like my brain was frozen thinking “How could this happen to me?” You know it’s like some joke.
Lily: I know. I keep having the weirdest thoughts like he’s gonna sit up in bed and say, “Fooled you!”. Oh. What am I supposed to do Rick? I can’t accept that he’s dying. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know what to do.

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