Ship Mikita!

Shane is defiantly shipping Mikita… And Maggie too! Thanx to fyeahmikita and pointofnoretrn now we have proofs… and pics!

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“The Presence” director

The Presence of Tom Provost
By Madelyn Ritrosky
We enjoyed being in the presence of filmmaker Tom Provost at Heartland’s Closing Night event, but we also enjoyed his film, The Presence.
I like the title. It’s rather understated and vague, in a deliberate, ghostly sort of way – just like the film. And just like the characters, who are few. In addition to Mira Sorvino’s lead, the woman who arrives to write, and Shane West, an isolated spirit, another strong presence structures the film’s mise-en-scene, the house. It’s an old, lonely, lakeside house surrounded only by woods.
Tom originally planned the film for a cabin in Canada but lost that location. Two years went by before he finally found an historic home at the base of Mt. Hood in Oregon. He noted that because it is in Mt. Hood National Forest, they were allowed only 30 people on set at a time.
As film theorists and filmmakers tend to assert, film as an artistic medium is first and foremost a visual medium. Tom has created a film that utilizes that visual orientation to tell an intriguing story – all the more intriguing because ambiguous characters and events structure the story.
It was a delight to watch this spooky movie with 11-year-old Jared, who is just old enough to appreciate this very visual, brooding mystery – without any overt violence. It was also a delight to meet and talk with writer-director Tom Provost.

Read the rest of the interview


The Presence Screening

Yesterday there was a screening fo The Presence in Portland! It seems that the cast wasn’t there but we finally found some pics of Shane on the set of that movie! So go and take a look to the Facebook Fan Page!

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1×10 and 1×11 screencaps

Here we are! Our lovely Sammy gave me the caps for these amazing episodes! Not much Shane in 1×10 – Dark Matter, but enough (is ever enough?) in 1×11 – All the way. Take a look at these while waiting for Jan. 27 when Nikita will be back!

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Nikita 1.11 “All The Way” Debrief

The debrief for Nikita‘s winter finale “All The Way” – which contains a full recap and complete review – is now available for your reading enjoyment here. Let the wild speculation about the rest of Season 1 begin!


Some news about Nikita

Elsa from the Fanforum send me this article about Nikita’s future… Quite interesting dont’ you think?

Zuiker sets CBS, CW projects
‘CSI’ creator focuses on character-driven shows

By Cynthia Littleton
Anthony Zuiker

Anthony Zuiker’s Dare to Pass shingle is in full pilot-season battle mode, fielding three dramas for CBS and one for CW.
Zuiker, creator and exec producer of the Eye’s “CSI” franchise, has no illusions about how hard it’s going to be to land a new drama on CBS next fall given how well the network is doing with this season’s frosh shows. CW is also in pretty good shape, with fall newbies “Nikita” and “Hellcats” looking on track for soph renewals.
“There are probably not going to be a lot of slots open, but we’re working on great characters and we’ll see if we can get lucky,” Zuiker said.
Zuiker’s TV development is flowing through Dare to Pass’ pact with CBS Television Studios. It’s the company’s second go-round with pilot development.
This time last year, Matt Weinberg had just joined the company as production prexy. This year, the two “have worked out a pretty great rhythm on the development process,” Zuiker said.
Beyond the four traditional dramas in the works, Zuiker continues to break the TV-Internet mold with his creepy villain Sqweegel, born in the “Level 26″ interactive novel series that Zuiker pens for publisher Dutton.
The Sqweegel character appeared in the Oct. 14 episode of “CSI,” just as the second installment of the series, “Level 26: Dark Prophecy,” debuted.
The Internet-based components of “Prophecy” promoted his appearance in the “CSI” seg, which led to a double-digit gain in younger demos for that episode.
Sqweegel is likely to make a return visit in the “CSI” finale. Zuiker is also developing a horror feature based on Sqweegel and a crime drama for cable based on the “Level 26″ series.
“Now that we’ve begun to build the (‘Level 26′) brand, we’re looking at other outlets for it,” Zuiker said. “It’s been exciting to see that we can really spin off characters to have life in other media.”
On the pilot front, Zuiker emphasizes that all four projects, now in the script stage, are heavily rooted in character drama built on sturdy procedural foundations. Zuiker learned an important lesson a few years ago when he fielded a pilot, “The Man,” for CBS that did not go the distance. “I put concept over character,” he said.
Not long after “Man” was rejected, Zuiker had a chance meeting with the prolific showrunner Stephen J. Cannell at an awards fete. After telling Cannell of his disappointment with “Man,” Zuiker recalled, the elder advised the younger: “Just remember, always put character over concept.”
Dare to Pass’ “Detail” for CBS is loosely inspired by real-life private security expert Kim-Maree Penn, co-founder of L.A.-based Signal 8 Security. Series will have classic procedural elements a la “the high-risk client of the week,” Zuiker said, but it will also dive deep into Penn’s character. Producer David Kline brought the project to the company.
Sarah Thorp (“The Bounty Hunter”) has penned the script and will exec produce with Zuiker. Weinberg is a co-exec producer on all Dare to Pass projects.
“Desperado” is an attempt at depicting “cowboy justice” as dispensed by an earnest lawman in a small town outside San Antonio. The inspiration came to Zuiker while he was listening to the Eagles’ song of the same name on his daily five-mile, early-ayem walk. Kyle Ward (“Kane and Lynch”) has penned the script and will co-exec produce.
“We want to really give it that Texas flavor,” Zuiker said. “We want it to be a kick-ass, have-fun show that also looks at how this small town’s world is converging with (big city) San Antonio.”
“Treadstone” is based on the secretive agency of spies that has appeared in several Robert Ludlum novels, including the Jason Bourne series. John Glenn (“Eagle Eye”) is writing and exec producing with Zuiker, Ben Smith and Jeffrey Weiner of Captive Entertainment.
Zuiker had been looking to do a spy project for some time but hadn’t found the right framework until the Ludlum concept pointed in the direction of “citizen spies” who hold down everyday jobs and blend in with their communities. The sensational bust last June of ten alleged Russian spies who were living nondescript lives in the U.S. added heat to the project at CBS.
For CW, “Spirit” hails from veteran fantasy drama scribe Jesse Alexander (“Heroes,” “Lost”), who brought the project to Zuiker. It revolves around three young women at a startup company; Zuiker describes the concept as ” ‘CSI’ meets ‘Paranormal Activity’ ” with a dash of “Charmed.” Alexander exec produces with Zuiker.
Zuiker is repped by CAA, Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Morris Yorn.

Source: Variety


A few “Nikita” secrets

Brittany just posted on her site Digital Airwaves some “secrets” that executive producer Craig Silverstain revealed about Nikita! Something sounds really interesting!

Fittingly for a spy show, information about Nikita is hard to come by. However, executive producer Craig Silverstein has let slip a few tidbits that fans will no doubt be excited to hear.

Most of them involve Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), who will soon no longer have to spend all her time climbing around in vents. According to Silverstein, like Thom (Ashton Holmes) before her, Alex will eventually become a full-fledged Division operative. “It will come at a terrible cost,” he warns in a chat with, but Alex will get her own apartment, an expanded wardrobe, and car. As a result, she’s also getting a new potential love interest across the hall. Starting in the January 27 episode, Thad Luckenbill – who previously fell for Fonseca when both were on The Young and the Restless – will pop up. No word on what this means for Thom’s chances with Alex.

The show will also continue peeling back the layers of Nikita herself (Maggie Q), including answering that burning question about where she gets all of her money. “It may not be as much as you think,” Silverstein teases. He adds that Nikita and Michael’s (Shane West) currently broken relationship will be on the way to being mended. “Nikita and Michael’s relationship will take another turn, bringing them closer in an unexpected way.” That’s not all that surprising, but what is is what follows: his comment that someone on the show will finally have sex. Let the wild speculation as to whom begin.

Personally, I’d rather see Michael and Nikita’s relationship continue its slow burn, rather than see them jump in bed together. It would seem to be cheating the character development that the show has crafted so well over the first part of the season. It would seem more like something we’d see on Gossip Girl, which is a show Nikita fans definitely don’t want to emulate. So who’s going to be the lucky couple? It could be Alex and her new object of desire. Or it could even be people we don’t know. You know how producers love to tease. But either way, it looks like Nikita is going to keep piling the twists on, right until the very end.

Source: Digital Airwaves


Nikita 1.10 “Dark Matter” Debrief

Looking for more on tonight’s Nikita? My recap and review of “Dark Matter” is now available. Here’s a preview:

Nikita certainly left us with a lot to think about almost a month ago. Not to mention, it teased us with the return of Owen (Devon Sawa), the rogue agent introduced in the “The Guardian”/”Resistance” two-parter. In other words, this episode has a lot on its plate from the word “go.” Episodes with the highest expectations can also turn out to be the best for a series; look at last week, which certainly paid off what it promised.

The full recap and review can be found here. If you need to catch up, full show coverage is also available in the Nikita category at my site.


Zap2it interview

Zap2it have a new interview with Shane for us! I think it’s a really good one, talking about, fears, first kiss and bad habits… Take a look!

Shane West has a very loyal following, and being able to play dark, brooding and conflicted on The CW’s “Nikita” is just part of the appeal.

Unlike Division agent Michael, however, West is very positive and open, subjecting himself to Zap2it’s probing Celeb Slam Book questions with good humor and candor. It’s not like he has anything to hide. In fact, most of his fans are already well aware of his musical talents and various tattoos.

West’s first order of business under Zap2it’s sinister too-bright light bulb is to divulge his first “real” kiss. It sounds a little tricky, but as any actor learns, it’s all about improvising. Here’s the dirty deets:

“I’ll pass on the name,” West tells Zap2it. “I guess it would have been pretty late. I’d have to say junior year of high school. I’m talking first real kiss. I kissed a million girls in kindergarten. So junior year in high school, outside of a movie theater on a slope that we kept slowly sliding down, which is really embarrassing. And then my mom came and picked us up. It was awesome. I don’t think I ever saw her again.”

Her loss we say.

West also dishes on his biggest fears, worst habit and a very sweet and scary treat he indulges in once a year.

1) What’s your guiltiest music pleasure?
There’s always something to say about ’80s one-hit wonders. Being born in ’78, I certainly have plenty of that. I have my iTunes right in front of me. Well, some people truly love the music, but I’ll say for certain nights out in Las Vegas and that kind of stuff, I have some Rihanna and Lady Gaga. That’s not what I normally listen to, but obviously the world does, so I don’t know if that goes under a guilty pleasure, but it would be for me as well as plenty of Motley Crue, Poison and all the hair bands from the ’80s, which are a lot of fun.

2) If you could jam with one person dead or alive, who would it be?
Joe Strummer, singer for The Clash. Big time. And he is dead, unfortunately.

3) Which celebrity do you find attractive?
There are many. I’d have to go with Angelina Jolie on that one. I’ve liked her since “Cyborg 2,” which is a movie not many people saw. Check it out. It’s one of her first films. It was pre-”Hackers,” but not by much I don’t think.

4) What’s your worst habit or trait?
It’s been smoking in the past, which I’ve cut out. It was biting my nails in the past, which I’ve now cut out. I’m 32, so I did a full life reversal at 30 of at least paying attention to things more and actually getting them done instead of screwing around with them. I’d say it’s just — I have an inherent laziness that’s built in me that I have to fight through all the time. So I would say getting off the couch. I’m very much a huge movie watcher and book reader, and even though that can be productive, it still does mean sitting on the couch. So I think my worst habit is getting me out of the house. Once I get out then I can keep moving.

5) What’s the latest book and/or movie that affected you the most?
I just finished, believe it or not, “On the Road” for the first time, about five or six months ago. It was one of the reasons why I drove — I didn’t hitchhike — but I drove from Los Angeles to Toronto to shoot “Nikita.” It affected me enough, and I had not done that before. I had done it on tour buses with my band, but you’re on a tour bus and you’re asleep. It doesn’t really count. So that book truly affected me in that sense that I wanted to feel that Americana and see it. I’m currently reading “The Fountainhead,” which is going to take me a year I guess because it’s like 800 pages. I make sure I start and finish everything, so I can’t just stop even though I have other books to read.

“Paranormal Activity 2″ was really creepy. I didn’t really realize it was that effective until I tried sleeping the last couple of nights. There’s also a movie that came out called “A Prophet” that came out this year. Brilliant film. It’s essentially a “Godfather”-like tale taking place in prison. I hadn’t seen a film that powerful as they had been 20-25 years ago in that genre. It seems like it had been a while since the last “Goodfellas.”

6) Who do you text with the most?
Currently that would be all the actors and actresses I’m working with right now. In reality, my buddy from high school, my sister back in LA and the three good friends who are my roommates.

7) What is your deepest fear?
Besides failure, it would have to be sharks and drowning. I did go swimming with sharks in Hawaii a couple years ago to try and get over the fear, and I did a pretty damn good job, but it’s still a brutal way to go. And I’ve always thought drowning would be terrible.

8) What’s a surprising activity you do in your free time?
I’m pretty much an open book from what people know about me. Besides you know, reading, watching movies, I play the guitar, I go to the gym a lot, I run. I think those things people already know. I started rock climbing here in Toronto. With a rope. Aaron Stanford, one of the actors on the show, is getting really into it. He just started bouldering, so wants me to go with him and do that with no line or anything. I’m trying to find time for that because it’s a great way to stay in shape. And it’s not boring, that’s for sure. It’s a great combo.

9) What’s your food weakness?
Because of Halloween ending not too long ago, my weakness around there are breakfast cereals such as Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula. And I’m still frustrated to this day that they are not sold all the time and only sold during Halloween. Obviously someone made the decision — well, they’re terrible for you, so it’s a good thing they’re not. But it’s fun to have during Halloween. I’m looking at them right now. Those three boxes that were sent to me from my roommate in LA they’re currently in my kitchen in Toronto sitting next to egg white protein, Emergen C and Clif bodybuilder bars … and Boo Berry and Franken Berry

Source: Zap2it

170.000 visits

I just want to thank everyone who ever visited this site! We have reached 170.000 visits today and I think this is a very, very big goal for us!
We started 5 years ago, 17th november 2005, with an Italian fansite and we’re now the biggest Shane resource around the web!
I want to thank my lovely helpers for all the work and all the people who still support us and Shane!
To thank you we want to share these pics of Shane and Maggie on Nikita’ set!!

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Shane's birthday project

You want to do something special for Shane's birthday? Read what we're planning to do here

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