Shane’s birthday project

I know it’s quite early, since Shane’s birthday is in june but… We are thinking about doing something special for him!
And that involves everyone… A lot of you can make videos, fanarts, poems, letters, you know you are very talented, so why don’t we put all your “birthday presents” in a special section of this site and send the link that to Shane the day of his birthday?
What you have to do is very simple create something Shane’s related and send it to us! We’ll build everything else to wish him the best birthday ever!

01. Keep all submissions clean! Do NOT send in any inappropriate or rude material.
02. You MUST submit just your first name or nick name along with the photo.
03. You MUST also submit something Shane related, and the best thing is if you wish him happy birthday in someway.
04. You can submit maximum 2 thing per person.
05. The deadline for this project is on June 1st at midnight. Any submissions submitted after the deadline will be ignored.
06. We can decide what to publish or not to publish in the project, don’t do something just for doing it, do something pretty :) he deserves it!

Mail your “birthday present” to with the subject Shane’s Birthday Project.
Have fun!

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  • I’m going to help :D

  • Well!! I´ve time to think what I want to give him.

  • Yeah! We posted it so early so everyone can do something taking their times!

Shane's birthday project

You want to do something special for Shane's birthday? Read what we're planning to do here

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