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Nikita (TV Series 2010)

Thursdays at 9pm on the CW
Release Date: 9 September 2010 (USA)
Season: 1
Year: 2010
Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, Ashton Holmes, Melinda Clark, Tiffany Hines, Xander Berkeley
Shane’s role: Michael

Michael is a Division operative who trained Nikita. West says, “Michael’s not inherently a bad guy, at all. He’s doing some things that I think he started off believing in, and now he’s a little unsure.”Michael sees Division and its recruits as a kind of “family” to him.

The story centers on a secret organization known as Division. Targeting young people from a troubled background, Division erases all evidence of their past lives and molds them into efficient spies and assassins.Nikita is the first recruit to escape and promises to bring down her former employers. Having trained Nikita, Michael, a Division operative, is ordered by his boss Percy to deal with his former student. In the meantime, Division continues training its recruits, Thom, Jaden, and the newest, Alex


ER (TV Series 1994-2009)

Release Date: 19 September 1994 (USA)
Seasons: 15
Shane was in seasons: 11 – 12 – 13 – 15
Cast: Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Sherry Stringfield, Noah Wyle, Eriq La Salle, Julianna Margulies, Gloria Reuben, Laura Innes, Maria Bello, Alex Kingston, Kellie Martin, Paul McCrane, Goran Visnjic, Michael Michele, Erik Palladino, ,Ming-Na, Maura Tierney, Sharif Atkins, Mekhi Phifer, Parminder Nagra, Linda Cardellini, Shane West, Scott Grimes, John Stamos, David Lyons, Angela Bassett
Shane’s role: dr. Ray Barnett

Ray Barnett first appeared in fall 2004 at the start of the 11th season. He is a talented doctor struggling with conflicting commitments to the medical profession and his life as a rock musician.
In season 12, the character became involved in a storyline in which, as a flatmate of colleague Neela Rasgotra, he fell in love with her. After being roomates for while, he really got to see the beautiful side of her. These feelings haven proved difficult to deal with as Neela was at the time married to Dr. Michael Gallant, who spent much of his time fighting in the Iraq War. In "If Not Now", Ray’s band received an offer to go on a tour to promote themselves. Not willing to let this opportunity pass, Ray asked Kerry Weaver for time off but she announced that he was very valuable for the ER. He eventually managed to convince her but his band chucked him out that day as they felt he was too committed to his job at the hospital. Ray has stayed good friends with Neela. However, since the death of Gallant by a bomb in Iraq, Ray has attempted to become closer to Neela to help cope with the unexpected and tragic loss of her husband. This attempt at closeness has, so far, proved to be unsuccessful as Neela could not cope with losing her husband and her feelings for Ray. He recently realized he missed his chance with Neela with the arrival of John Stamos’ character Tony Gates, who has had run-ins with Neela. Ray had a fling with Neela’s medical student, who was curious about him. This did not last long because Ray was longing for Neela, who ultimately chose to be with Gates. However, in episode 13.17 , Ray and Neela share a sweet and passionate kiss in Ray’s car. After that Neela is still confused between Ray and Gates and at Aby and Luka’s wedding Ray get drunk and got hit by a truck; he ends up loosing both his legs and, at the end of season 13 he leaves the ER and Chicago to heads back home. He comes back in season 15 surprising Neela for Halloween and finally in the last episodes of the series Neela flew to be with him and live happily ever after.

Source: Wikipedia (with some little changes made by me)


ER follows the medical personnel and patients in the emergency room of Chicago’s fictional County General Hospital. Created by best-selling author Michael Crichton ("Jurassic Park") and produced by John Wells ("The West Wing"), Christopher Chulack ("Third Watch"), David Zabel ("JAG"), and R. Scott Gemmill ("Jonny Zero"), the Emmy Award-winning series has completed fourteen seasons as one of television’s highest-rated dramas. The doctors and nurses of County’s ER confront the daily challenges of a busy urban hospital, including overcrowded waiting rooms, staffing shortages, and the impact of life-and-death decisions. While they teach the next generation of doctors, each must tackle the demands of their personal lives, at times unsuccessfully.

Gallery – Screencaps: season 11season 12season 13VideosImdb.comWikipedia

Once and Again (TV Series 1999-2002)

Release Date: 21 September 1999 (USA)
Seasons: 3
Year: 1999
Cast: Sela Ward, Billy Campbell, Jeffrey Nordling, Susanna Thompson, Shane West, Julia Whelan, Evan Rachel Wood, Meredith Deane, Todd Field, Marin Hinkle, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Ever Carradine
Shane’s role: Eli Sammler

Eli is what you call a "jock", he plays basketball for Uptain Sinclair High School. His mother, Karen, is a lawyer and his father Rick is an artitect, who owns his own business with David Cassilli. Eli, wants to become a musician, but when his parents here of this idea, they don’t like it. Jessie, Eli’s little sister, loves the sound of her brother’s band, AntiInfamitories and goes to one of their gigs. Eli, in the opening of the third season, gets a run in with the law, after a cop finds marijuna in the front seat of his dad’s car. He tells his mother that the drug was not his and she doesn’t believe. This leaves Eli mad at his mother and does drugs anyway.

Lily Manning (Sela Ward) is a 40ish suburban soccer mom living in Deerfield, Illinois. Recently separated from her philandering husband Jake (Jeffrey Nordling), Lily is raising her two daughters, insecure, anxiety-ridden 14-year-old Grace (Julia Whelan), and wide-eyed, innocent 9-year-old Zoe (Meredith Deane). For support, she turns to her more free-spirited younger sister, Judy (Marin Hinkle), with whom she works at their bookstore called My Sister’s Bookstore (renamed Booklovers later in the series). Lily’s life changes when, during the pilot episode, she meets Rick Sammler (Billy Campbell) in the principal’s office of Grace’s school, Upton Sinclair High School. Rick is a single father and co-head of an architectural firm, Sammler/Cassili Associates, which is located in downtown Chicago. Rick has been divorced from his uptight ex-wife Karen (Susanna Thompson) for three years and has two children, Eli (Shane West), a 16-year-old basketball player at Sinclair High who suffers from a learning disability, and sensitive 12-year-old Jessie (Evan Rachel Wood), who longs for the days before her family’s disintegration. Lily and Rick share an immediate mutual attraction and begin dating. Their budding relationship causes problems in both of their respective families. Grace strongly objects to Lily and Rick’s relationship as she still hopes to see her parents get back together. Karen, a public interest attorney at the downtown law firm of Harris, Riegert, and Sammler, is worried about the toll Rick’s new relationship would take on their children, particularly Jessie, who is shy and emotionally fragile. She is also working through her own feelings of jealousy that Rick is moving on to a new relationship. In addition to Lily and Rick’s relationship, the show also focused to a lesser degree on their exes, Jake and Karen, and their own struggles to move on in a post-divorce environment.

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To Have & to Hold (TV Series 1998)

Release Date: 21 September 1999 (USA)
Seasons: 1
Episode: 1×03 – Tangled Up in You
Cast: Moira Kelly, Jason Beghe, Fionnula Flanagan, Mariette Hartley, Alexa Vega and Rutanya Alda
Shane’s role: Mitch Maloney

To Have & to Hold was a short-lived American television series that aired on CBS during the fall of 1998. The drama series starred Moira Kelly as Annie Cornell, an attorney, and Jason Beghe as her husband, an Irish police officer, Sean McGrail. The series depicted the trials and tribulations of their early married life. The series had an extensive supporting cast, mostly playing various relatives of Sean’s. Appearing in the series were Fionnula Flanagan, Mariette Hartley, Alexa Vega and Rutanya Alda. The series ran for only 13 episodes before being cancelled.

Sliders (TV Series 1995–2000)

Release Date: 22 March 1995 (USA)
Seasons: 5
Episode: 4×11 – California Reich
Cast: Jerry O’Connell, Cleavant Derricks, Sabrina Lloyd, John Rhys-Davies, Kari Wührer, Charlie O’Connell, Robert Floyd, Tembi Locke
Shane’s role: Kirk

Quinn Mallory, while working on an anti-gravity machine, accidentally creates a portal to a parallel universe. Eventually, his friends and an unwilling participant accidentally get stuck traveling among parallel worlds, trying to survive, and learning that sliding can lead to fatal results. Meanwhile, among many changes in their group, they try to rescue the multiverse from the Kromagg Dynasty.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series 1997–2003)

Release Date:
Seasons: 7
Episode: 2×20 – Go Fish
Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Head, James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Michelle Trachtenberg
Shane’s role: Sean

At the young age of 15, Buffy was chosen to hunt vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. After the ordeal at Hemery High Buffy Summers wound up at Sunnydale High. Joined with Willow Rosenberg and Alexander “Xander” Harris, and her watcher Giles, Buffy fights the challenges of High School and saves the world a lot.

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