Nikita 1×12 “Free” Screencaps

So Nikita returned on 27th with a BAMF, hot Shane for us all to drool over! Screencaps of his scene in the latest episode are now available in the gallery.

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Shane West is the right man for the job on ‘Nikita’

Shane West, star of The CW’s Nikita (Thursdays, 9 ET/PT), never got into any of the more recent spy television series like Alias or Dark Angel.

Old school Miami Vice was more his thing.

“But we’re not wearing pastels and I’m not driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini,” says West.

It was over a decade ago when West, now 32, first gained attention on Once and Again and then again in 2004 when he joined the cast of ER for five seasons.

“I’ve been very fortunate, especially with the two series I have done which were critically acclaimed and won awards and things like that,” acknowledges the Baton Rouge, La. native.

After his run on ER, West turned to his other passion, music. He went on an American and European tour with the celebrated punk rock band, The Germs. “I’d like to get back to that,” says West, who had earlier folded up his own band, Johnny Was, rather than compromise to make a record deal. “It’s a crazy dream come true. An absolute rush playing with those guys, being part of that scene.”

Then West, who after touring made some independent films which ultimately may never find distributors, decided it was time to get back into “the mainstream” and venture into his first pilot season (auditions for potential new TV series) since Once and Again.

“The (movie) industry is so destroyed right now anyway,” says West. “If you’re not Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise you are not even being able to audition for a lot of movies nowadays for lack of finances and all that kind of stuff.”

Nikita was West’s first choice but he was truly surprised they considered and then chose him to play Michael, the male lead opposite actress Maggie Q.

Read the rest of the interview here


Liberty Heights

Once again thanx to Fedosia from the Fanforum we have new stills of Shane’s old movies, this time we have 1999 – Liberty Heights Stills. Shane was so young and cute… take a look!

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Nikita cast hosting

Luckly the 27th is getting closer and closer and we’ll have not just a new Nikita but also the cast hosting the return episode, here for you another amazing promo!


Nikita & PCA

Pics and news! First of all maybe not everyone knows that the next Nikita episode will be a special one, infact the cast will host it. It means that during the commercial breaks are going to be talking about the episode and the show itself… (thanx to MikitaIsIt for the explanation!) Watch this promo for the good news!

Also I found, always in our lovely fanforum new pics from the PCA 2011, very HQ!

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Movie Stills (part 2)

Again thanx to Fedosia from the fanforum I collected a lot of old and new pics from a lot of Shane’s movies, we have Get over it, Whatever it takes, Echelon Conspiracy, The Lodger and Red Sands. Enjoy!

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People Choice Awards 2011

Finally I’m back and ready to get you some goodies from last night People Choice Awards, this is just a first part so stay tuned for more! We find the pics and the videos all over the internet so we don’t own them, they belong to their owner and we’re just borrowing them!

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Movies stills

Thanx to Fedosia at the Fanforum we’re finding a lot of stills from Shane’s movies. We’re going to upload a lot of stuff in the gallery during the holydays! By now we have great pics from Eldorado and Kerosene Cowboys! Enjoy!

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Home > Work > Movies > 2010 – Kerosene Cowboys > On set

Home > Work > Movies > 2010 – The search for Eldorado > Movie Stills


Melinda Clark interview

Skytv interviewed Shane’s co-star Melinda Clark at the opening night of “West Side Story” some weeks ago; she talked about Nikita and Shane saying really lovely thing about him! Take a look!


Foo Fighters LA show

Couple of days ago Shane was at a Foo Fighters LA secret show! No pics are online yet, but we hope to see something soon!

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – The Foo Fighters took time out from finishing their new album to unveil some new tunes and dust off some oldies at a secret club show for fans, family members and famous friends in Los Angeles on Tuesday.
Among the famous faces in the crowd at Palladino’s were actors Ryan Phillippe, Amanda Seyfried and Shane West who took in a set list that boasted such hits as opener “Times Like These,” “My Hero,” “For All The Cows,” “Generator,” “The Pretender” and “Learn To Fly.”
The band also debuted several songs, including “Dear Rosemary,” “White Limo,” and “Back and Forth.” The latter which may end up as the title of their seventh album, band frontman Dave Grohl told the crowd.
On one new song, presumably called “I Should Have Known,” Grohl was joined on stage by former Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic, who reportedly plays accordion on the new album.
The album, produced by Butch Vig (Nirvana’s “Nevermind”) in Grohl’s home studio, marks the follow-up to 2007′s “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace.”

Source: Reuters


Shane's birthday project

You want to do something special for Shane's birthday? Read what we're planning to do here

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