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…Shane non sarebbe stato nella Season 13! [Thanx to the Rommies’ LJ!]

Per la trascrizione….

OK here it is: (for those of you hu do not know steve and miquita are t4 presenters)
miquita: welcome back to t4, our next guest has been in ‘a walk to remember’, ‘the league of extraordinary gentlemen’, ‘buffy the vampir slayer’ and an episode of best sitcom in my opinion ‘boy meets world’, remember that? right now though hes breaking hearts in ER, Shane West is here.
steve: Shane, shane, shane, shane, great to have you on the show
shane: Thanks for having me.
miquita: can i just say – what a voice! *imitates shanes voice so its deep and husky* “thanks for having me”
shane: oh, its not that bad.
miquita: no its good, its like a film star voice
steve: yeh dripping off a spoon…
*miquita laughs*
steve: now u play dr. Ray Barnett
shane: yes i do
steve: in ER…the series finale on channel 4 this monday
shane: right.
steve: could you tell us a little bit about the episode – does something explode?
shane: yes…a little bit
steve: YES!!
shane: something definitely explodes, theres a lot of…um…i can only say so much. someone might die, someone might not…
miquita: now do you get worried that its you thats gonna die, all you hear is the word ‘shootout’ and you’re like “maybe im dying”
shane: well i can safely say that its not ray barnett
miquita: *tries to do an american accent* its not ray barnett
steve: good good
shane: hes still alive, otheriwse i would not be here actually helping out the show. *shane laughs*
miquita: yeh exactly *she laughs* promoting
shane: but its a pretty powerful episode and its very much ‘to be continued…’ in a way and fans are gonna go a little bit crazy after watching it.
steve: give us an intital of the person who bites the dust…dont say DR!
shane: oh no i cant. cos somebody might, cos the whole thing is they might or they might not.
miquita: ok just give us a letter of one of their names
steve: give us a letter which is in their name, it doesnt even have to be the first one
shane: uh….Z
miquita: *dramatically* Dr. Z Romano?
steve: Zeus!!!
shane: im making that up *shane laughs*, X!
steve: lets take a look at you in action
shane: alright
*they show the clip of him talking to pratt before the limo drives up in twenty one guns*
steve: its a cracking show, such a great show.
miquita: now i feel that maybe Neela is the woman to change you ways, your womanising ways
shane: *shane laughs* my womanising ways! i think neela has changed ray barnett in the past 2 years period…just made him much more comforatble in his own skin… but you know ray barnett, hes single…and he hasnt met anybody that has caught his fancy… and we havent really gotten to the history yet of his background so maybe theres some reasons for that…
miquita: what happened?
shane: i wouldn’t even know myself yet, i think it’ll all happen in the next season
steve: i think that your character is a ladies man, do you ever get tired of the contant stream of beautiful women you have to kiss. are you ever like “oh give me a gay storyline please!”
shane: you know whats funny- in the 2 yrs ive been doing the show theyve set me up with about 4 or 5 women that have appeared, no kissing at all! they’ve all just been there…its all just happened…so for me it hasnt really been that exciting.
miquita: yeh with neela theres just this unbelievable sexual tension but never the *does this wierd clapping thing with her hands to show people getting together*
shane: *laughs* whatever that might mean!
steve: on the upside though her husband has just died
shane: thats true
steve: theres an opening there
shane: he blew up
miquita: get in there
shane: the writers were nice enough and smart enoguh to not make me connect with her in the very next episode…they gotta have a mourning period and something might happen next year – we’ll see.
steve: well a lot of actors in medical dramas pick up the doctors lingo now if i was to say to you “doctor i have a pruritis which i believe may be papillary” – what does that mean?
shane: that….those 2 words ive never had to say so i’ve no idea
steve: well if you ever said that to somebody you would be saying “hey- ive got an itchy nipple”
shane: thats probably why ive never had to say it…i should write that one in though thats great
miquita: what words do you have to say that make you think like “hey i sound like a doctor”
shane: um…its…
miquita: pass the blood
steve: theres only 1 word you need to say to make you sound like a doctor: stat! stat!
shane: you know what it is? its a very difficult job…its 3 different things that a lto of actors arent really prepared for going into the job of just…learning the medical jargon (which we tend to forget immediately after the episode so we can learn the next one), going so fast paced and also doing everything physically correct as well….and doing all three of those together is a very difficult job.
miquita: no we’re at the end of series 12 but series 13 is starting in America – any inside info?
shane: umm…well i can say that the actor John Stamos is coming onto the show. he was on for i think 2 episodes this year, just kind of introducing his character…John Leguizamo we had for this year but i don’t think he’ll be coming back for next year…we don’t know as a unit much of whats going on, we do know that we will be starting a love triangle in a sense between ray barnett, john stamos and neela.
steve: as long as ray barnett is still there we will be happy
shane: ill do that, ill be there
steve: shane west everyone!
shane: thanks for having me


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