ER 12×16 – Out on a Limb


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La scena che ha finalmente dato a noi Rommies una speranza…loooooool

(Neela walking up to the Roomies apartment surprised to hear “Unchained Melody” from inside.She enters).

Neela : Ray..

Ray : Hey… (clears throat, he’s caught) Um Hmm

(On hearing Neela come in, Ray switches the TV to a basketball game 😛 )

Neela: Were you watching ” Ghost”

Ray : What?….. No…No its the game.

Neela : Where’s your date??

Ray : (not looking at Neela) Oh yeah…uhh… hmmmm.. something happened.

Neela : She stood you up.

( Ray trying to come up with an excuse, but gives it up )

Ray : Yeah…fine, you know if that’s what you want to hear.She stood me up

Neela : Well you are a “mere mortal” after all.

(Neela flops down on the couch very close to Ray and lets out a sigh)

Ray : Rough night???

Neela : Is it possible to kick yourself out of a club.

Ray: (smirks and offers her a beer) Well ,to better times huh.

Neela : Yup…… You know I feel very proud of Michael, but sometimes when I am with all those other wives I start to get
so angry, frustrated and I talk too much.

Ray : You?? Talk too much??

Neela : It’s only because I miss him……..(sighs) This is utterly pathetic.

Ray : What??

Neela : This, married woman living like a college student, crying next to a roommate on a sofa.

Ray : Okay, well I have something that will make you feel better.

(He switches the TV to ” world poker tour” which he recorded for Neela )

Neela : You recorded it for me??

Ray : Anything for my roomie.

(They start watching the TV and Neela rests her head on his shoulder, Ray looks at her, smiles and then leans back on the sofa.)

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