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E poi non dovrei aspettare il 31 ottobre come se fosse Natale per l’uscita del loro nuovo album? Io sti ragazzi li adoro! Mi fanno morire dal ridere (anche Wolfie)…e poi Zacky che ride e balla…no dico Zacky che ride a balla…*_*

Syn – Ready to start fucking making .. making magic with M! [giggle]
Syn – Nexta’ one!
Syn – This song is gonna set up people to expect… what they’re not gonna get.
Voice – This is the tease. The City of Evil tease.
Syn – This is the tease!
Matt – If you wanna do the solo parts, I’m thinking a more shredding approach.
Syn – The shredding approach? Alright.
Matt – I’m thinking just slow, and shred, slow, and shred.
Voice – He hates it when you say that!
Matt – I like that last note!
Syn – [Repeats it]
Matt – Yeah! That’s —
Matt – That good?
Syn – Yup.
Producer – Listen?
Syn – Cool?
Matt – If that’s how you want it that’s fine. Just kiddin’!
Syn – Wow! That’s brutal!
Matt – It was a little scratchy there but that’s cool.
Syn – Well there’s a scratch in everything, dude.
Syn – Fucking Shadows and his solos… [Can’t live without ’em?]
Matt – You hate me for giving you solos, dude?
Syn – We make pretty cool solos, I gotta say.
Zacky – Too bad they require four or five guitarists.
[ Laughter ]
Syn – And every one of them’s you!
Zacky – Only problem about it.
Producer – It’s a fucking guitorchestra.
Matt – We’ve got a bitter fucking guitar player around here. Pissed off he’s gotta learn something!
Zacky – It’s so hard to figure out what to learn, dude!
Matt – Dude, it’s a classic already, dude!
Syn – It’s a classic.
Matt – It’s a full on fucking joke.
Syn – So that solo, huh?
Zacky – Written by Synyster Gates.
Syn – Let it be known, dude, this is my only proof right here. This guy right here is my only proof. I never had, I never had anything to do with that.
Johnny – Liar.
Syn – It’s all on tape, dude, read it back, dude. Fucking sitting there all hunchback, more hunchback than I’ve ever been, dude, being told what to do.
Syn – What canyae do? What canyae do!
Zacky – For all your motherfuckers out there talking shit, we’ve got a little something for you! Do do do do do do dooo!
Syn – How’d ya like me nowww?
Zacky – We’ll all start dancing, dude, in unison. That’ll be our first video!

Transcript from “We come out at night

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