Nikita 1.08 “Phoenix” Debrief

As promised, here’s the debrief on tonight’s Nikita, entitled “Phoenix”:

Last week’s Nikita episode, “The Recruit,” deviated from the norm to develop an underused component of the series. With that behind us, I wonder if “Phoenix” will feel like a more complete episode as a result.

It sort of picks up from “The Recruit,” as Thom (Ashton Holmes) is the agent on a mission: to eliminate Anna, the mistress of a Senator (Spencer Garrett, who seems to be typecast as a jerk, be it in Cold Case, The Good Guys, Leverage and now this) who’s agreed to keep the money coming to Division as long as they cover up his indiscretions. Ah, that all-important funding we’re always hearing everyone refer to (Nikita in “Pilot” and Percy in “Rough Trade”). It really does all come down to money, doesn’t it?

You can check out the rest here at Digital, which is your new source for all of my Nikita and Shane-related coverage.


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