Shane’s Birthday Project Update – DEADLINE JUNE 8TH

So here is an update on the Birthday Project.  Thanks so much to everyone who have already submitted pictures/donations – they are greatly appreciated.  And for anyone who has donated – please let me know how much as I plan to put a total at the end of the video I’m making (send them to this email address: goldstaarr.shanewestfan@yahoo.co.uk) And if you are planning to donate, please do the same and remember to make your donation in Shane’s name – Shane West. The Elephant Project said if you said your confirmation on to him they will send you out a 5×7 picture of Shane holding the stuffed elephant:

Thanks to all those participating in the Shane West birthday project who are sending donations to help fight Alzheimer’s disease!
Really touched by all the donations we’re getting for the Shane West birthday project! He has a great group of fans! Thank you all.
If you’ve donated, plz fwd your email confirmation + address 2 david@elephantproject.org so I can send u a 5×7 copy of Shane’s elephant pic!

Regarding pictures for the special fan message video – I have recieved some but not as many as I had hoped so please, please do send then in ASAP.  Make sure to keep it short – 2 sentences maximum – so Shane will have time to read it.  Thanks again everyone



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Shane's birthday project

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